About REKM & Krav Maga L.A.

Krav Maga LA was established in 2007 when Roy Elghanayan arrived in Los Angeles, a few days after he was honorably discharged from the Israeli Defense Forces.  During his service Roy Elghanayan was recognized as the number one Krav Maga instructor in the history of the Israeli Military.  Acknowledged twice, he was given the Chief of Staff award which is one of the highest achievements one can receive in the IDF.  Roy was the leading role model for his whole brigade by setting the standard.  His passion for Krav Maga motivated him to pass on his teachings and valuable techniques, and more importantly, give the opportunity to experience authentic Krav Maga in Los Angeles.  Since then, Krav Maga LA has been providing classes and private training to individuals, law enforcement, and military personnel.  Krav Maga LA’s reputation surpasses all other Krav Maga gyms because of its personal attention to each student, allowing them to achieve their goals and go beyond their limits to reach their highest potential.