Ben Goldshtine

Ben Goldshtine is a Black belt in Authentic Israeli Krav Maga and Israeli Ju-Jitsu.
He started studying Krav Maga and Israeli Ju-Jitsu in 1999 and was always a top student in his class.

In 2006, he started to both teach kids and adults, and was certified by Master Mati Elyashiv and Sensei Roy Elghanayan to be an instructor.

In 2009, Ben revised his first Black belt (DAN 1) from Master Mati Elyashiv and was immediately drafted into the Israeli Special Forces. Presently, Ben teaches Krav Maga and Israeli Ju-Jitsu in the Israeli Military. In 2010, Ben won first place in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Krav Maga National Championship.