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Upcoming Movie Star Chadwick Boseman

42 - Baseball legends Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey - Chadwick Boseman


We are very excited and proud of our  former REKM (Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga)/ Krav Maga L.A. student Chadwick Boseman for his upcoming film 42 staring himself and Harrison Ford. Chadwick trained in Krav Maga for a few months with Sensei Roy Elghanayan, and according to Roy, Chadwick was an outstanding student that  worked hard and always liked to be challenged. Roy remembers how “he would love to spar and be good at it to. I remember how he was in amazing shape and also strong.” The REKM family is looking forward to seeing Chadwick on the big screen.


 Chadwick Bosemand next to Roy Elghanayan

Chadwick Bosemand next to Roy Elghanayan



The Debt | Jessica Chastain

When  Jessica Chastain was cast for the motion film The Debt  she really cared about understanding what it takes to be a Mossad Agent. The The Debt  Jessica ChastainMossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counterterrorism. Part of their training includes intense Krav Maga training, Israeli Tactical Shooting and Aggression Training. Jessica researched online for an authentic Krav Maga Instructor in Los Angeles and she came across our website, She contacted Roy Elghanayan and shared with him her exciting news of being cast in this film. One thing Jessica wanted to point out from the start was that she wanted to train as if she really was in the Mossad. She did not want to do a cardio version of it. She said “I want to know what real Israeli Krav Maga is. So when I am on set, I can make sure we are keeping the fights as authentic as possible.” She cared about every element in her performance. She had four months to get in fighting shape. In addition, she wanted to gain muscle so her training included weight lifting. Click here to view a short interview with Jessica Chastain about here Krav Maga training with Roy Elghanayan.

Her first month of training focused on studying the basics of Krav Maga, including basic fighting stance, basic kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and the movements and philosophy of real Krav. Then, she learned different Krav Maga combinations that involved different strikes. Jessica’s goal was to master Krav Maga as much as one could in four months. She was not interested in just knowing the moves for her action seances. She truly was interested in developing a set of skills that can work in a real life scenario. The last week of her first month, she went through her first week-long Aggression Training, a very important element in a warriors development that all Israeli Spacial Forces go through.

Her second and third month of training covered different attacks such as grabs, chokes, bear-hugs and counter attacks. Roy wanted to make sure she knew more than five different ways of getting out of an attack. Roy and Jessica knew that sometimes things change on set for different reason and they wanted to make sure Jessica would be ready for any changes. By her third month of training, Jessica had over twelve hours of Aggression Training. Her development as a fighter was showing and her skills were becoming second nature.The Debt Jessica

Jessica’s last month of training included different takedowns, police control, gun and knife defense, Israeli Tactical Shooting, and choreographing her fight scenes. It was a very intense month for Jessica but also very important, and everything was coming together beautifully. After four months of intense Krav Maga training, Israeli Tactical Shooting, and Aggression Training, Jessica’s performance reached level four (out of seven) in Krav Maga. She truly trained like a warrior from the Israeli Defense Forces. Click here to view Jessica’s fight scene from the movie.

A second scene choreographed by Roy Elghanayan, Click Here.

Level 1 Test January 6th, 2013

To all our new students who have been training hard for several months now, the time is finally here! Ring in the new year by showing off your strength and knowledge and testing into Level 2! The syllabus is available at the dojo, so you can pick one up at your next class and start preparing to become an intermediate student at Krav Maga L.A. In addition to the syllabus, you will need to purchase all REKM gear and the REKM uniform. You must register for the test no later than January 1st to reserve your space.

Sensei Roy will be administering the test, and will determine if you are ready to pass. A pupil ready to advance to the intermediate level is one who knows each item on the syllabus and is never unsure, is confident in their abilities, has put in the extra time at open mat to perfect their technique, and pushes themselves both in class and on their own. We want to see the Israeli Fighting Spirit of never giving up, we want to see you focused and locked on your target just like a raging bull. So come in and reserve your space at your next class! It’s time to move up!

Master Elyashiv’s Krav Maga Seminar

Coming July 2013!!! Master Elyashiv’s Krav Maga & Israeli Ju Jitsu Seminar. All styles and levels are welcome to join us. He will be covering different topics like self defense stand-up and ground with and with out weapons, police tactics using a baton. He will also cover MMA tactics and strategy in addition to sparring. Below is a short video from our last seminar with Master Mati Elyashiv, 2012.


This training event will be open for the public. All styles and levels are welcome.  Please, keep in mind spaces will be limited. More info to come during December, 2013.