Level 1 Test January 6th, 2013

To all our new students who have been training hard for several months now, the time is finally here! Ring in the new year by showing off your strength and knowledge and testing into Level 2! The syllabus is available at the dojo, so you can pick one up at your next class and start preparing to become an intermediate student at Krav Maga L.A. In addition to the syllabus, you will need to purchase all REKM gear and the REKM uniform. You must register for the test no later than January 1st to reserve your space.

Sensei Roy will be administering the test, and will determine if you are ready to pass. A pupil ready to advance to the intermediate level is one who knows each item on the syllabus and is never unsure, is confident in their abilities, has put in the extra time at open mat to perfect their technique, and pushes themselves both in class and on their own. We want to see the Israeli Fighting Spirit of never giving up, we want to see you focused and locked on your target just like a raging bull. So come in and reserve your space at your next class!┬áIt’s time to move up!

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