Master Elyashiv’s Krav Maga and Israeli Ju Jitsu Seminar

Master Mati Elyashiv's Seminar

This seminar will be open to the public! After our first seminar with Roy Elghanayan’s own sensei, eighth degree black belt Master Elyashiv, we received so many requests to bring him back. So, we planned out a special seminar that will mainly focus on Krav Maga, MMA and Israeli Ju Jitsu. Our training program this year is broken down in to 3 main seminars (for basic and advance Martial Arts). Each seminar will cover Stand-up and Ground Training. We are very excited about this big event and we wanted to give everyone a chance to train with Mati Elyashiv. So we have a public seminar for all of you that want mix it up and try a different style even if it is just for the fun of it. Then, we thought about all the advanced students from REKM, and we created an Advanced Seminar just for the REKM students (Level 2 and up only). And last, we are offering a very exclusive and Private Seminar with Mati limited to 14 people. Please make sure to read all the descriptions of the different options you are given. For any questions feel free to call us at Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga.

Master Mati Elyashiv's Public Seminar

The Public Seminar with Master Mati Elyashiv will be focused on Krav Maga, Israeli Ju Jitsu and MMA. This seminar is a great mix of basic and advanced training. If you are totally new to Martial Arts, or you come from a different background of Mixed Martial Arts, you will do just fine at this event. Some topics that will be covered include: Self Defense with Hands Tied Up (Hand to Hand/ Hand to Weapon), Self Defense with a cellular phone, Knife Defense, chokes and grabs, MMA theory (and applying it in to training and Self Defense Training) and much more. Master Elyashiv likes to mix up his seminars with advanced and basic training techniques all under one event, which means you will be challenged even if you are a black belt fifth DAN (fifth degree). The Public Seminar is a total of 8 hours, with 4 hours of training per day with Israel’s best. Below you have two options. Training both days is only $149, and $99 for one day of training with Master Elyashiv (you pick which day works for you).
WHAT TIME12pm-4pm


Public Seminar

Mati Elyashiv's Advance Seminar

This is our Advance Krav Maga/ Israeli Ju Jitsu & MMA Seminar ONLY for our level twos and up. This seminar is not open for outsiders (SORRY!). Only Advance REKM students can attend this training session. Mater Elyashiv is going to really challenge you with new IJJ technique like, different arm/leg bars. Stand-up/Ground Strategy, Sparring Strategy/ techniques with takedowns! Multiple attackers with weapons and more. This event is a 3 hour course for only $199, and it gives you FREE access to the Public Seminar as well. A total of 11 hours (3 days) of training with Mater Elyashiv. This specific event will take place at REKM – 13347 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. Mandatory to have your full Krav Maga gear and cloths.
WHAT TIME7pm-10pm

*This price gives you full access to the Advance and Public Seminars

Master Mati Elyashiv's Private Seminar

This is our exclusive and intimate seminar with Master Mati Elyashiv. limited to only 14 people. Here you get a chance to train with Mati for 3 hours in a private environment. He will teach you black belt material, police holds and takedowns, finishing/ life tacking moves that can take someones life a way. In addition, he will work with you on improving your performance and your fighting/ survival strategy. This spastic course will help you feel, look and be a real authentic Israeli Black Belt.

Who ever purchases this event will also have Full FREE Access to all of our other seminar that are with Master Mati Elyashiv. This specific event will take place at REKM – 13347 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. Mandatory to have your full Krav Maga gear and cloths.
WHAT TIME7pm-10pm

*This Price includes the Private, Advance and Public Seminars