Training Programs

Full Experience – 100% Israeli Krav Maga

This training program will take you from the basic fundamentals of authentic Krav Maga all the way to a real black belt status. If your goal is to truly defend yourself and your love ones against any situation you can possibly imagine, this is the course that will make you reach your potential. The main focus is not only getting stronger physically but also mentally.

50/50 Mix – Self Defense & Fitness

An excellent combination of fitness training and self-defense moves. These classes were designed by Roy Elghanayan using Krav Maga techniques that don’t involve any serious physical contact during training, for ex: sparing/full-contact fighting. Expect to release all your aggression on the training bags and get in the best shape of your life by working on muscle confusion.

Private Training

Private training is customized according to your goals. We can focus on self defense, conditioning, losing weight/ gaining muscle and even fight choreography. Training can be provided at the Dojo, at your home, office and or a local park.


Law Enforcement

Any of the traditional martial art systems would take far too long for these new recruits to learn. Krav Maga provides specific techniques that are based in real-life scenarios to provide any law enforcement officer the chance to stand against one on one fighting mode. 


Krav Maga was adapted for the men and women who serve in the Israeli military, known as the IDF (Israel Defense Forces); they also realized that the world of modern urban combat, which these soldiers would be fighting in, had become a completely different place. 

Youth Training

We offer kids classes from the ages of 6-15. We have different classes for different age groups. The focus of the classes are on self defense, self-confidence and fitness conditioning. Class size are around 12 students in a class.