Full Experience – 100% Israeli Krav Maga


Work your way up to genuine black belt status. Through a specialized training program designed by Roy Elghanayan, you will develop true lethal skills. Have access to exclusive Krav Maga techniques and various conditioning exercises that will build you from the basic fundamentals to advanced Krav Maga. If your goal is to truly defend yourself, this is the course that will get you to the height of your potential. With hard training you will not only be physically fit and mentally tough, but a capable member of Roy Elghanayan’s elite self defense system.

Krav Maga Stand Up

Stand up Basics

Learn how to take and deliver a hit while standing up, Israeli style. The focus of this program is to enhance your standing form, body position and movement. You will learn how to deliver professional strikes with your hands, legs, elbows, knees and head.

Krav Maga Ground Wok

 Ground Work Basics

Things can easily go wrong when you’re on the ground, and for that reason, we have this program. We focus on different ways to fall on the ground, tactically. Fast ways to get up (kip-up) and be ready, right away. We also work on different attacks from the ground, whether it’s a choke or a pin, you’ll know how to get out of it.

IDF Aggresiveness Training

 IDF Aggression Tactics

In the Israeli Defense Forces, one of the most important key factors is Aggression. This program is a very intense training style that the highest military personnel go though in Israel. Different tactics you will learn in this special program will help you to be aggressive in any fighting scenario. This is a very important element in your self-defense skill set. 

J.R. Training

 Jump Rope Training

This is a fun program that men and women love. The J.R. workout is designed to improve your speed, timing, coordination and control. All four elements are a must in a fighters “tool box.” In addition, this training program will improve your cardiovascular system. This great program will get you burning fat to the music. It’s a great way to work out!