Youth Training

Like all parents, we worry for the safety of our children. They can be bullied by other kids both in and out of school, not to mention the threat no parent ever likes to think about but we all worry about anyway—that of a predator ever trying to take advantage of them.

These concerns prompted KMLA to set up a special Krav Maga class for kids where they learn:

• Self-confidence
• How not to become a victim
• What kinds of behaviors are not okay to accept from other people
• What to do in worst-case scenarios

Since opening our kids’ class we have had some major successes. Everyone is having fun (instructor included!), and notably, some of the kids who were very timid and having problems with bullies have come back to class proudly telling stories of how they confidently faced up to their bullies!

In fact, the kids’ Krav Maga classes have become so popular with our members that we have begun offering them twice a week, rather than the single time slot we started with.

All the kids’ classes are tailored specifically to their age group, so they’re safe, fun, and full of games whilst also being challenging enough to have them stretching for new goals and building their confidence. The classes are taught by top-notch Krav Maga instructors with plenty of experience in teaching children. Our instructor engage the kids, teach them self-defense in a fun and positive environment, and ensure that every class is safe for everyone. At the end of the day that’s what we’re here for!

Please contact us at anytime with any questions you may have!